Grokking the Fundamentals

Photo by 童 彤 on Unsplash

Thinking in Services: Grokking the Fundamentals is a master class that teaches the fundamentals of strategy, finance, and operations, as seen through the designs of services. This is not your daddy’s “service design” course. It will change the way you see services (or your money back, as the expression goes). By exposing participants to the ‘surprising design of services’, this course teaches even the most experienced designers, product managers, and strategists something new. The only thing not new about this course is the way it is taught: in a traditional classroom format, with a series of short lessons and exercises over three consecutive days.

Day 1
Introduction to the most basic concepts such as performance, affordance, demand, and supply. Participants will learn to distinguish between different kinds of services, and understand the service spectrum. At the end of the day, participants will be able to see services as sets of four promises, and write short descriptions based on that.

Day 2
Starts with the concepts of actual, potential, arrangements, agreements, outcomes, and experiences. Participants will identify the four types of people and the four types of things that define the potential for services. Next participants will learn the who-why-how-what story blocks. Using this knowledge they will practice creating short stories as the basic unit of analysis and as the “data structure” for storing the designs of services.

Day 3
Participants will systematically analyze a case of a service that has failed. Working in teams, they will deconstruct the design of a service into the 16 elements of design. Then they will suggest changes to one or more of the elements, to prevent similar failures in the future. Once this is done, they will reconstruct the designs to generate a new frame. This is not unlike taking your bike apart to understand how it works.

Participants will receive the Story Boards card set, a workbook with exercises and templates, and a copy of the Thinking in Services book by Majid Iqbal. 

Up Next
This course will be offered next in Stockholm, on May 6th-8th, in collaboration with Insperio AB, a trusted advisor to government and commercial enterprises. Tickets are now on sale, including a few Early Bird options that expire on April 8th, 2019.