Promising Patterns: Strategic design in services

Learn how to see strategy through the designs of services, by playing a series of games. The gaming is based on the four promises that make a service attractive as a whole to customers and service providers. Two of the promises define what customers are actually buying. The other two define what they offer in return.

For providers, strategy is a game of choice: what promises to offer and accept. In services, there are eight type of promises, each corresponding to a design pattern: strategic industry factors with failure modes and cost constraints. Therefore, strategic design aims to maximize net value for customers, while minimizing costs and risks.

The training focuses on the interplay between the four promises, applying systems thinking at the most basic level. You will engage others in a series of playful exercises, drawing examples from across the expanding universe of services. In learning how to apply the eight promising patterns, you also learn new heuristics, such as ing-thing, stereotyping, windows of opportunity, and need-outcome-value or nova.

The struggle to understand promotes deeper learning.

The exercises are simple enough to cause fun and difficult enough to cause learning. Participants from diverse backgrounds makes them easy enough to complete. Doing well requires curiosity and imagination, and a beginner’s attitude.

You will receive the Thinking in Services book and a card deck, and join a growing group of professionals taking the designing of services to a whole new level. This one-day training will be available in a few cities this year. Let us know where, and we will let you know when.